Prabowo’s Ambitious Move to Import Cattle: An Old Plan Revealed

SEA Daily — Recently, Indonesian media reported Prabowo Subianto’s plan to import a massive number of cattle as part of his campaign promise. The import of 1.5 million cattle is intended to support his plan of providing free milk, on top of free daily lunch, for 82 million children in Indonesia.

Prabowo Subianto and Gibran Rakabuming launches their free lunch and milk program on the first day of campaign (Source: TVOneNews)

An investigation by SEA Daily has indicated that this was an old plan of his. Prabowo has already set up an export company for cattle based in Argentina, more than 15 years ago. Argentina is known as one of the world’s top cattle exporters.

In 2008, Prabowo and Simon Aloysius Mantiri established a company called Pradic in Argentina. The address is Avenida del Libertador 498, 6th Floor, CABA, with Jorge Fernández Ocampo (DNI 11.045.566) as the president. Prabowo himself is listed as the director. It was registered by notary Luis Mihura and certified by Luis N. Pamliega with identification number N° Registro: 553, N° Matrícula: 2201, Fecha: 14/7/2008, N° Acta: 033, Libro N°: 69, and Announcement N° 81.944.

Speculation suggests that Prabowo faced business difficulties in Argentina. Furthermore, he still has tax debts that have not been settled there. Prabowo has the CUIL number 20603443692 with DNI 60.344.369.

Pradic in France

Prabowo’s tie to ‘Pradic’ as an entity identity has been revealed earlier. An investigation by Tempo and L’obs revealed that Prabowo owns a property in the form of a luxury apartment in Paris, France. The property was purchased by a company called Pradic and signed on behalf of Prabowo.

This overseas property, valued 1.79 million Euro when purchased in 2005, together with Pradic as a company, were not declared in his wealth reporting (LHKPN) of 2021. 

Simon, Prabowo’s Associate

Simon is close associate of Prabowo, although less visible than Dasco, Sugiono, or Sudaryono—his other top brasses. A Catholic, he often serves as a liaison between Prabowo and this community, especially in relations with bishops and religious leaders in various regions of Indonesia. Simon was even reported to be an envoy when meeting Bishop Kupang, Petrus Turang.

Simon also manages various companies that are part of Prabowo’s business network. He is listed in PT Agro Industri Nasional and PT Nusantara Energy as executives. Simon is also listed as the treasurer of the Gerindra Party.

It’s not only Simon who is close to Prabowo. His wife, Priscilia Esther Waworuntu or Prissy, is also close to him. Prissy has run for Vice Mayor of Manado, served as a legislative candidate for the Gerindra Party, and also acted as the treasurer of the party, just like her husband. ()

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